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It’s been a wild and crazy 4 months as we tackle our home renovation, move from our condo, our move to Roscoe Village and recover from a surprise ovarian cystectomy.  Slow has not been in our vocabulary.  When I think of the last four months, the words overwhelm, too much and help come to mind, ha!  But, we’ve made it.

What’s new with you guys?

I think the better question is what isn’t new.  Let’s see here…

  • Emmie is officially ONE.  What?! She is also almost walking.  And we didn’t have a birthday party… more on that later.
  • We moved out of our condo and in with my parents.  Then, we moved out of my parent’s house and into our new house.
  • We’re loving Roscoe Village and are starting to find a routine and  I couldn’t be happier about this.
  • I am super close to sharing some big updates with you all on my business.
  • I had an emergency ovarian cystectomy, but I’m doing fine now!

Kind of a lot, right?  And that’s the highlight reel.  I keep saying my goal for 2020 is to be the most boring human, but we’ll see if that comes to fruition…

Is the house officially done?  

Touchy subject. It looks better than this, but no it’s not. We’re definitely ready for it to be done.  We rushed the team to get into the house, which ultimately created a few delays.  Then, with my surgery, it cost a few more delays.  Now we’re in that ‘95% done but still have 10 things to get done,’ which drives the Type-A Herrmannitos BONKERS.

There are probably about 10 things left to finish in the kitchen, basement, and bathroom.  It feels like the little things linger forever because now they all need to line up.  For example, we need all patchwork to be done before I can bring the painter back in for touchups.  I’ll spare you the details because it’s too nitty-gritty and frankly, not that interesting.  My hope is that the next week we can finalize it. Once we finish the renovations, I need to finish decorating so we can shoot and share this pretty space with you!

Wait, surgery? What?

You’re tellin’ me!  I was pretty shocked.  I haven’t been feeling great, but I’ve also been under a lot of stress with the home renovations, bi-weekly commute from the suburbs to the city in rush hour, maintaining my business… the list goes on and on.  So, I didn’t catch the warning signs of cramping.  I had been running myself ragged and thought the soreness/crampiness was from all of the manual labor of moving and poor eating habits.

Fast forward to our first night in the house, and I was doubled over in pain.  Matt kept saying I should go to a doctor, but I didn’t want to be a baby (why don’t I listen to him more often?)  I finally ubered to the ER so he could stay home with a sleeping Emmie.  By the time I arrived, I could barely walk and the uber driver had to help me inside.  Fast forward five agonizing hours and it was determined that I’d need emergency surgery to remove a ruptured cyst in my ovary.

Thank goodness we live near family

Poor Matt stayed up all night while I laid there on copious amounts of morphine.  He went home the next morning after my surgery where he met all 4 of our parents.  The five of them worked around the clock to take care of Emmie, unpack all of our boxes and clean the house.  I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.  Matt’s parents ended up staying for several days because I wasn’t allowed to lift Emmie for a full week.  That was the absolute worst.  Baby girl just wanted to be with me, and I felt like I was being so cold towards her.  On the bright side, this is one of the reasons we chose Roscoe Village – it’s super convenient for our parents to get there.

But we’re on the up & up!

All of that is behind us though and we’re settling into the new home nicely.  Emmie loves it, which of course makes me so happy.  My office is right outside her bedroom and she’s started independent play while I work.  It’s a game-changer!  The kitchen is beautiful and I can’t wait to cook in it.  We’re finding a routine in Roscoe Village, which truly makes my heart sing.  I’m finally starting to feel the creative juices coming back inspiring me to write & share more.  Stay tuned!



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