Summertime Happy Hour Charcuterie with Cracker Barrel

This post has been sponsored by Cracker Barrel Cheese.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Girl Meets Party possible!
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Summertime happy hour is my absolute favorite. It’s a time with endless sunlight. Everyone’s in a great mood and ready to celebrate—even when it’s just an everyday moment. I often shop at Jewel-Osco to grab my happy hour needs, and Cracker Barrel Cheese made it that much easier! To skip right to shopping, check out more details here and head to your local Jewel-Osco to purchase today.

cracker barrel cheese hosting jewel-osco
cracker barrel cheese hosting
I’ve been working on my charcuterie game the last few months. I love charcuterie boards because they offer variety, they’re pretty, and they’re so easy to put together. Matt and I have been so busy with planning our new home, we haven’t had much quality time to connect. I surprised him with a charcuterie board so we could casually catch up and enjoy a nibble!
cracker barrel cheese
Picking up Cracker Barrel Cubes was a game-changer. It’s pre-cut and packaged with a rich and bold flavor. As a midwestern girl, I know my cheese and this stuff is good!! I opted for a bag of their Cheddar Jack as well as a bag of their Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar for variety.
cracker barrel cheese
Creating texture and color is the key to any charcuterie board. Also, placement is key! I started with the fruit in either corner of my cheese tray. From there, I placed the cheese cubes and carefully rolled up each piece of meat individually. Lastly, I filled in the empty spaces with crackers. The goal is to cover the full plate so it’s lush and appetizing. The hardest part was waiting for him to get home without snacking on the board, ha!
charcuterie board cracker barrel cheese
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I’ve had Cracker Barrel mac ‘n cheese before and it was delicious, so I knew the Cracker Barrel Cheese Cubes would be delicious. But let me tell you, Cracker Barrel Cheese Cubes will become part of every charcuterie board I make now. Cracker Barrel Cheese really makes the everyday less everyday. It tastes premium and is so convenient for set-up!
cracker barrel cheese
Whether you’re hosting your girlfriends or just trying to up your game for an in-home date night, check out Cracker Barrel Cheese. While you’re at it, grab the discount from Jewel-Osco’s Just for U app.
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