Halloween Party Ideas + How-to Host

Halloween is almost here, and we are all getting into the spooky spirit and likely getting ourselves ready for Halloween parties and fancy dress contests with our friends. If you are hosting a Halloween party this year for your friends and family, here are some fang-tastic ideas you can use for a spooktacular night.

Create a theme for your Halloween Party

The easiest way to plan a party is to first choose a theme. For example you could choose Nightmare Before Christmas as a theme and have Halloween town and a small festive grotto in your living room. You could have a murder mystery theme with cluedo style clues and weapons around the house. You can even have a dinosaur theme with an animatronic dinosaur in the front garden and lots of Jurassic Park style horrors. Pick a simple theme and this will help you to organise everything else.

Make a haunted house

One of the classic ways to make your home into a Halloween nightmare is to turn it into a haunted house. You can have tissue paper ghosts rigged to fly in front of people’s faces as they open the door, you can hide scary masks around corners to scare people as they catch their eyes, and have smoke billowing through the home for a scary feel. It can be fun to create a haunted house and it will certainly scare all of your guests!

Create some creepy concoctions

Fun treats, always make parties fun, and you have a lot of room for creativity for a Halloween party! It is always fun to play around with food during the Halloween season and there are many ways to make seemingly innocent items of food much more spooky. For example you could get yourself some skull shaped silicone moulds and bake some pizza dough balls in them. You could make doing fingers look like witches fingers soaked in blood, and you can create a graveyard out of a chocolate cake, pudding and some graham crackers to act as gravestones. There are lots of awesome Halloween foods to try so have some fun!

Host a cauldron cocktail class

Cauldrons make for classic Halloween decor, and for a Halloween party, they are perfect! To make things even more festive, a cauldron cocktail class is a wonderful & spooky activity for your Halloween party. You can buy a large cauldron to act as a punch bowl and have everyone create a witches brew with different spirits and mixers. It will be a fun way to impress your guests and it can be a great decoration for the party.

Play scary games and tell spooky stories

The whole idea behind Halloween is to creep each other out and make everyone feel a little scared. As it gets dark you can turn out all of the lights and have a game of hide and seek in the pitch black, and then you can all gather in a circle and tell scary stories to freak each other out. It will be terrifying for everyone and it will be even more scary if you can find some Halloween sound effects such as creaking and screaming which you can play on the speakers to scare everyone who is in the house!

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