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How do you grow a blog?  It’s something I’ve wondered for a while, and also, something I’m so grateful I focused on blog growth this year.  The blog is a bright spot in 2020.

Today, I’m so excited to share I broke 10,000 pageviews in August!!! My goal is to break 100,000 monthly pageviews so I build a steady audience that supports my brand partnership work and generates passive income.  Fitnancials always inspires me with her reports and other side hustle ideas.


grow a blog

Recipe to Grow a Blog

I cracked the code to grow a blog and am not steadily growing every month.  To break down the recipe, it’s the following:

  1. Share new content consistently.  I post 1-2 new blog posts per week.
  2. Build a base of evergreen, shareable content.  Think content that lasts a lifetime that’s written in a key search term.  ie: What’s the best white paint? 
  3. Utilize Pinterest and specifically, spend your time on Tailwind! Grab a discount by using this link.
  4. Batch your work and schedule ahead with Planoly.
  5. Link to other key posts within your posts. ie: Other posts you may like (see an example at the end of this report) 

Changes/Continued Support from July

  • I published 6 new posts in August
  • Posted 3 posts to Tailwind every day (increased from last month)
  • Shared 3 stories to Instagram per day (about half of the month)
  • Shared each new post to Facebook on my business & personal channel
  • Sent a weekly newsletter

Blog Traffic Report

grow a blog

In August, I had 10,223 pageviews (+13% vs. last month)

grow a blog

Top August Posts

Prior Blog Traffic Reports

  • March 2020 Blog Traffic Report – grew to 5.9K views with promoted posts
  • April 2020 Blog Traffic Report – grew to 6.5K pageviews
  • May 2020 Blog Traffic Report – grew too 8K pageviews
  • June 2020 Blog Traffic Report – dipped to 6.4k pageviews by doing nothing (whoops)
  • July 2020 Blog Traffic Report – grew to 9K pageviews

Why I think the blog grew in August

Consistency is certainly key.  I’ve also been focused on creating evergreen content that is super searchable in Pinterest and Google.  Pinterest continues to be a great resource for me.  So, as I create new blog posts, I do a keyword search in Pinterest first to see what the rich pins look like.  I also create a list of what’s interesting to me and then think about what’s going on for my readers.

September Goals

  1. Continue to grow my newsletter through sign-ups and my courses.
  2. Publish another 6 new posts
  3. Update 3 old posts
  4. Explore hiring an SEO expert

Thanks for following along with me!  I have found that people don’t often share the journey of getting there.  Often stories are shared when they arrive, which is why I started this blog years ago to share the journey so we can all grow together.  I appreciate you being here!

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