Girl Meets Party is Getting an Office

We’ve been working on Girl Meets Party for 2.5 years, and it’s time for an office! Knowing when to take on risk in a business, can be tough.  Today, I’m sharing how we knew it was time to upgrade and the steps we’re taking to make it happen.

Has an office been in the works for a while?

Yes and no.  It’s been a dream of mine for well over a year to get space; however, I definitely didn’t see it coming up this quickly.  The timing feels right and the pieces fell into place very easily.  Suree & I joked at how easily it all happened, but it’s like the old adage, ‘when you know you know.’

How did you know it was time for an office?

We’ve been running out of space for a while.  Up until now, almost all photoshoots are at my condo in the city.  So when we have a shoot, our home gets flipped upside down.  Matt has been an incredible sport, but with a baby on the way, it’s time for a change.  For example, I can’t imagine trying to set up Christmas in October with a newborn next to me.  Sure, the tiny Herrmannito may come with me to work; however, I can’t have that be the benchmark.

Suree’s also felt the pain, too.  When we throw events, it’s a mad dash to pack everything up at my place and bring it somewhere since we don’t have space.  Now, we’ll be able to host at our office/studio!  We’re both ecstatic over it.

Where will the office be?

We’ll be in Southport Corridor in Chicago right near Roscoe & Southport.  It’s conveniently located right off of the Southport brown line stop and there’s free parking on our street.

How did you find the office?

How do you find any good place in the city?  Craiglist, of course!  We shockingly found this place almost immediately after we started looking.  It was the third place we saw and we instantly fell in love.

How can you afford an office?

Good question.  Even though people don’t ask me, I know they are thinking it.  Lots of planning and budgeting is the short answer.  When we started talking about space over a year ago, we looked around to understand what things cost.  We knew the dollar range an office would cost, and I’ve had that in the back of my head while I forecasted our sales for the year.  Yes, even though we’re a tiny company, I keep a budget tracker and I forecast sales.  This isn’t a hobby, people – it’s a business!

We’ve been fortunate to reach a point where our income from branded shoots, private event services and consulting is strong enough to justify the cost of rent.  The income makes it [relatively] comfortable to invest.  I say relatively because it’s always scary adding a new overhead expense no matter the amount!

What does it look like?

Well, we have some work to do, but in true Girl Meets Party fashion, it’s gorgeous in our eyes.  It’s an old, vintage Chicago walk-up.  Our office is surrounded by panoramic windows that look out at the treetops.  We’ll have space for small get-togethers with a cozy dining room and a super sunny photo shoot space for branded shoots or headshots.

Suree & I will be doing lots of updating over the next month and plan to share the full journey with you!

Wait, it’s a studio, too?

Yes!  This is the best part.  We have enough space to host small get-togethers of 12 people or less for baby showers, bridal showers, girls’ luncheons or other fun workshops.  We’ll also have a photo studio space for blogger photo shoots or branded headshots.  The sky’s the limit!  We will always be there, too, to be your host.

How do I book your studio space?

I manage all of the bookings so if you’re interested, reach out to Jen at  Can’t wait to hear from you!


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