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A wedding is one of the biggest days in a couple’s collective lifetime and selecting the perfect gift can be a tough task.  Today I’m sharing my all-time favorite wedding gift with you, a hand-painted portrait of the couple’s wedding.  I ordered this one from Etsy.

My best friend and her loving husband had a stunning wedding in October at Newberry Library in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago.  I’ve held the special role of a roommate, a best friend and confidant so was thrilled when they asked me to be a bridesmaid.  She & I have been friends for over 10 years.  Plus, her husband has grown to be a very close friend to my husband & me as well so I wanted to give them the perfect gift.

Being such a close friend, I wanted to go off registry, which is a risky move.  However, I figured something timeless would be perfect.  I cruised Etsy as one normally would and stumbled upon these beautiful portraits from Anastasia Art.  I shared my vision with the bride to ensure she loved it just as much as I did.  Luckily, she did!!  Then, I let her select a few photos that she absolutely loved.  Here were some of the top contenders.  I love the city views from this one.

However, the Kinzie Street Bridge is also iconic.  Plus, their photos from T&S Hughes Photography were so good!

We also loved this black & white one because it captured their happiness perfectly.  Ultimately, we wanted to freeze one of the best moments in time with a hand-painted wedding portrait.

So we decided on this beautiful shot of them outside of Newberry Library just before the ceremony.  It captures their excitement to walk down the aisle and the beauty of Newberry Library.


Photo used for painting as pictured above.  Photography by T&S Hughes Photography Photo used for painting as pictured above.  Photography by T&S Hughes Photography

How to Create Your Own Hand-Painted Wedding Portrait

How it works: After discovering AnastassiaArt on Etsy, I fell in love.  Her portraits are detailed and stunning.  Simply send her a wedding photo and she’ll paint the portrait.  Prior to finalizing the portrait, she sends a draft so you are able to request any necessary tweaks.  Once you’ve agreed to the painting, shipping is easy and quick.

How I gifted it:  Picking the perfect photo is key.  I let the bride & groom know I was planning a gift that was a wedding image that would be a family keepsake at a size of 16×20.  The bride gave me a few photo options, and I helped her pick the best one.  This allowed it to still be a surprise, but ensure I picked the proper photo.

Why I love it: It’s the perfect keepsake.  A painting is a traditional photo that freezes a moment in time.  The paint strokes cue movement and life that helps transport you back to that day.  Plus, I love that it’s a keepsake, which can be passed down generation to generation.

Giving them something that would forever freeze that moment in time was important to me.  Their day was truly perfect – one for the books.  It was an abnormally warm day for the fall and perfectly cloudy – prime conditions for photos.  Her photographer, T&S Hughes Photography, captured the intimacy of their day perfectly.   I hope you enjoy a few of their moments below.  I’d love to hear what you think of this idea or if you’ve tried something similar.


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