Get 100,000 Pageviews | March 2020

I’ve always wanted to get 100,000 pageviews, but honestly, I’ve never really focused on it.  I have casually blogged for the last 4 years.  The blog ebbed and flowed from publishing once per week to every day with contributors to being not existent and back again.  Through our COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve reflected on the business.  When the blog is active, so is business and who knows, maybe I could create passive income?  Stranger things have happened, right!


Why I’m sharing my journey

So, I’m getting vulnerable and I’m sharing my numbers with you.  I believe in building a community

What inspired me

Blair Starky motivated me since she shared her monthly blog income.  Blair runs The Fox and She where she shares blogging business advice.  I’m a part of her Facebook group, Blog to Business, and always appreciate her interesting tidbits.

How I will get 100,000 pageviews

Good question.  I have a little over 300 blog pots.  The majority of them I’ve optimized with Yoast SEO, but many I haven’t (yet).  Honestly, out of pure laziness.  When you run your own business, there are 2 million things to do.  We all hit that point where we’re trying to get things out the door to stay afloat.  So here’s muy game plan:

  • Clean up old blog posts by SEO optimizing them
  • Tap into SEM Rush to further optimize posts and create new ideas with the right keywords
  • Organize my Pinterest boards – Crowdwork News shared how to get 100,000 pageviews in 9 months here
  • Read at least 3 interesting articles per month like Fitnancials
  • Share my monthly numbers with you! #Accountability

My March Report

March was a strong month for me because I boosted my COVID-19 Quarantine list.  I also created time-relevant content with my Parent Scheduling Tool and Keeping Kids Busy shopping list.  I often play with boosted posts on my own account, so I can better support my clients.  I’m working on finding the proper graph below, but here’s what I could get initially.

For March, I had 5,907 pageviews and my top posts were: 

Most of my traffic (1,189 clicks) came from Facebook, which is from my COVID-19 Shopping List boost.  Interestingly enough, I boosted on Facebook & Instagram Stories.  Facebook performed drastically better.  Another 927 views came from search engines.  Through SEM Rush, I’ve discovered that my Best Valspar White Paint Colors post is on the first page of Google, which is driving lots of traffic for me.  I also used SEM Rush’s tips to even better optimize the post.  Then, I had 254 clicks from Instagram (mainly from stories) and 219 clicks from Pinterest.  My Pinterest clicks are low, so I’m hoping to double that in April by tapping into Tailwind.

Read the April report here

Meet Jen

I’ve always had a love affair with creation. Since I was a child, I handmade my gifts or combined toys to design something new. Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still making my gifts every holiday and designing new ways to do things.


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