We Found a Cute Cottage Home!

If you’ve been following along, you’d know it’s been quite the saga trying to find our cute Chicago cottage home.  We’ve looked for nearly 2 years and have toured a countless number of properties. I felt like Goldilocks searching for that perfect porridge.  We needed something just right.

Well, good news on the blog today: We’ve found it!  Talk about getting down to the wire.  It’s the first home that I clearly pictured us in and with the ability to comfortably host family and friends.  I instantly pictured parties.  Is that bad?  Ha!  I think I’m just too excited to properly entertain again.

herrmannito house- cute cottage home

Note: This isn’t the actual home; however, it’s similar to what house will look like after the initial redesign.

It’s a cute cottage home in Roscoe Village

Yes, it’s in the city!  I still can’t believe we made it happen because the hunt was so HARD.  We lost one home in a bidding war, which happens to be a few blocks away.  I’m so glad we did because we’re able to do more fun things with the renovation budget here.  Oh, about that…

I have all the feels… excited, super nervous and a bit anxious

So, the good news is the layout is great.  The owners lived there for 21 years and they updated all of the unfun things like plumbing and electrical.  They also did an amazing job dormering the entire upstairs, which we’ve learned all about by looking at these cute cottage home fixer uppers.

On the flip-side, the home hasn’t been aesthetically updated since 1998.  In my opinion, this is so great because it’s easy to justify the updates we plan to make.  However, it does have me a bit nervous to now design a home.  I’ve been taking an interior design course through NYIAD (New York Institute of Art Design) and have briefly shared that I’d like to break into the design world.  [BTW, NYIAD courses happen to be 20% off through June 26th] I don’t know how quite yet, but our home is my first project, which has me full of excited, nervous butterflies.  Luckily, my good friend, Kira David of Kira David Design, is kind enough to give me a head nod when I’m in the right direction.

I’ve been working on the design for a few weeks now and keep refining concepts.  I’ll definitely share a home tour and early work designs soon!

It’s not a done deal yet

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my goals for 2019 is to get real with you all.  When I started this as a side hustle, I was always ‘half real’ because I wasn’t sure how my employer would feel about it.  Now that I’m full-time, I want to connect with you all as much and as often as I can!

So, I’m sharing before we close, which is a little risky.  The deal could fall through (although I doubt it).  We will close in early July.  Most people share once they’ve closed because they truly own the home.  But, I’ve been honest and open with you all through this process and think it’s only fair to keep the ride going.  Not every story ends perfectly (although, I have my fingers crossed this one does though, ha!)

And we won’t move for a while

So, good news and bad news again.  Actually, it’s just ‘it is what it is’ territory.  We can stay in our current condo, which we love throughout the summer.  Our renovations will likely finish sometime in September.  Instead of making ourselves crazed with the timeline, we’re planning to put everything into storage at the end of August [thank you, MakeSpace!!], stay with my parents for a few weeks and move in when it’s ready.  It’ll be messy, but I feel like it’s ‘no pain, no gain.’

I’m shocked but super grateful

We’ve put a lot of hard work into this search, but it feels so good that it’s paying off.  Everything has felt so intentional and planned from above since we sold our Lincoln Park condo.  I can hardly believe that so much of our life changed in our Southport Corridor rental.  We had a baby, I took Girl Meets Party full-time and Matt’s had several promotions at work.  The memories we’ve made in Southport are precious, but now we’re ready for the next chapter and to finally feel settled in our cute Chicago cottage home.

I’ll share a pre-reno home tour soon and my design plans!



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