Final Home Reveal

This post is bittersweet for a couple different reasons:
  1. It has been such a joy to chronicle the transformation of our home and share it with you guys.
  2. We are MOVING!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our family is both sad and excited (all the feels!) about moving to Nashville and selling this wonderful home we’ve had the privilege of living in and working on for the past year and a half. So much of my heart has been poured into picking paint colors, designing the layout, choosing appliances and filling this house in a way that made it a home.

We began working with our General Contractor earlier this year to revamp our 100-year-old home into its best self. We’ve knocked down walls to create a more open layout, expanded our kitchen, converted our second kitchen into a laundry room, built a new master bath, and more. Overcoming delays and unanticipated road bumps, this journey has been a true labor of love, and we couldn’t love the final results any more.

To see the full transformation, check out all of the before photos here.

The Reveal

The Master Bath

The Laundry Room

The Living Room

The Dining Room
The Front Room

J.Nicolette, interior design, home renovation, home reno, living room, bright, airy, shabby chic, rustic J.Nicolette, interior design, home renovation, home reno, living room, bright, airy, shabby chic, rustic

Click here to see full front room reveal

The Kitchen

Click here to see full kitchen reveal.

The Breakfast Nook

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

Click here to see full breakfast nook reveal

Thank you again for following along on our home journey, and if you’d like to shop any items in this post click the link below.

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