How to Entertain During Social Distancing

It’s certainly tricky to figure out how to entertain during social distancing.  Heck, it’s hard to figure out how to do a lot of things during social distancing.  I love to entertain and since we bought our first home last year, I had the expectation that we’d be doing a lot of entertaining!  Then, Corona hit.  Like everyone else, our plans (and lives) have been flipped upside down in 2020. When I thought about the topic, I did a little Pinteresting and didn’t find much advice.

We hosted our first couple on the deck last weekend, and I found myself second-guessing everything. How do you entertain during social distancing?  Do you share anything?  Is everything an individual serving?  Here are my tips to entertain during social distancing.


1. Check-in with your guests first

Everyone is handling social distancing differently because we haven’t done it before! It’s been one of the trickiest parts of the pandemic.  Friends that we’re typically on the same page as are handling it differently, and that’s ok, but it’s uncomfortable!  We’ve decided to see friends that are taking social distancing as seriously as we are and preferably without a child that can move, ha!  Social distancing toddlers is super tricky.

Once you’re on the same page about who you’ll entertain, check-in with them to see what they’re comfortable with.  Do you want them to bring their own beverages?  Are they comfortable with shared plates?  Asking a few questions upfront helps to manage expectations.

2. Plan the menu

Plan food and drink that can be easily separated.  Family style dinners are out the window right now.  I opted for an easy chicken fajitas recipe because it’s easy to make and also easy to separate to different plates.  This chicken fajitas recipe was SO easy!!  I opted for store-bought guacamole and salsa because I didn’t want to overcomplicate it, but here’s an easy recipe for guacamole and an easy recipe for salsa.

3. Give each couple their own shareable plates, glasses, etc.

The biggest change I made in hosting another couple was to separate all shareable plates.  For the fajitas, each couple had their own fajita plate, guacamole bowl, salsa bowl, chips bowl, and a condiments plate of sour cream, cheese, and rice.  The perk was it felt like we were at a restaurant.  It felt classy and fun.  The con is it’s double the dishes!  I also made the conscious decision that anything that was ‘leftover’ from our guests would be thrown out.

Lastly, I set out any wine, beer, and water glasses in advance so that we could stay outside.  Setting things out in advance keeps any indoor trips quick (like to use the bathroom!)

4. Serve your guests mindfully

I was super cautious plating their food washing my hands first, plating the food, and then delivering it to their side of the table.  It may sound silly, but being mindful on both sides is key to keeping everyone safe and feeling safe, too!

5. Enjoy!

Summer only lasts so long and who knows what this fall will bring, so enjoy the little moments now.



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