Dreamy Breakfast Nook Reveal

I am so excited to finally share our cozy, eclectic breakfast nook! As a family full of morning people, I was so excited to design an area to spend our sacred mornings. And let me tell you, even though this room morphed throughout the process and really took on a life of its own, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


Chicago Home Renovation


Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor   Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

The Making of the Breakfast Nook

Previously, this was an enclosed porch the owners used as a three seasons room. Plywood covered the walls and the floors angled downward, reminiscent of its days as an outdoor area. We decided to take this room to the next level and convert it to a fully heated/cooled room that would add square footage to the house. In doing so, we hung drywall over the plywood, leveled and stained the floors and peeled back the wall to create a larger opening to the kitchen and living area. In peeling back the wall, we uncovered the original brick exterior and chose to leave it exposed. Although it’s hard to see in the pictures, the brick is painted white and is the backdrop for our coffee bar.

White Brick & Coffee

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

As you can see in the before photo, we previously we used this space as a junk room and I didn’t have a strong vision for how this room would turn out. However, after a mistake from our contractors, my vision for this room quickly morphed into the breakfast nook you see below. And it all started with the built-in bookshelf.

We originally told the crew to cover the built-in with drywall, but I constantly second guessed that decision. After they mistakenly left it exposed, I decided it was a sign to throw up some trim and run with it. And I’m so glad I did! I found this beautiful Opal House wall paper to line the inside of the shelves and I instantly loved the dark accent and boho vibes it added to the otherwise light and airy space.

Suddenly, I envisioned a dreamy space with greenery and and cushioned benches. I wanted it to be a space to spend our mornings with coffee in hand, looking out the window at all the birds. (My son’s favorite morning activity.)

A Touch of Green

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

Books of Adventure & Magic Await

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home DecorIt’s a space for conversations, book reading, soul searching, praying, dreaming of adventures and most importantly, for magic. With these things in mind, I designed the shelves very intentionally, choosing books that made these themes feel only an arms-reach away.

The relaxed roman shades on the windows give a “come as you are” vibe, not too stuffy, structured or stiff. They  hang loosely above the seating, offering the practicalities of privacy at night and the entry of natural light during the day.

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

And the most eclectic addition to our breakfast nook- the coffee bar. I love the pop of red amidst the neutrals and this piece houses a particular sentiment for me and my husband. Back when we were engaged, we chose one day to go on a nowhere road trip. A get-in-the-car-and-go-anywhere kind of drive.

We ended up at an antique shop in Cape Girardeau, MO and, despite having no money, we fell in love with this pricey antique. It was beautiful. It was “our” color. We had to have it.  And so we splurged.

Now this piece sits in this little breakfast nook, reminding us of the in-love, carefree kids we were and are… albeit with less time for spur-of-the-moment road trips. Coffee has always been a bonding aspect of our relationship, so it felt natural to convert this piece to the coffee bar. Now, whenever we travel, we bring home a souvenir mug to rest inside its doors and remind us of our travels together.

Other Details

Chicago, Home Renovation, Home DecorChicago, Home Renovation, Home DecorChicago, Home Renovation, Home Decor

We look forward to many mornings spent sipping coffee, reading books, and conversing in this cozy area. I like to think of it as an inviting, neutral canvas to start the day…with a little fire to keep things interesting.

If you missed our kitchen reveal last month, be sure you check it out here!

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