Crowning Event Hosts A Late Summer Flower Workshop

We’ve been longtime admirers of Crowning Event and were thrilled to have them at the new Girl Meets Party Studio for a flower crown workshop!  The Girl Meets Party Studio features several different backdrops.  To celebrate, we decided to include branded headshots for the ladies, which went over super well!

About Crowning Event

Allie is the founder of Crowning Event and a long-time friend of mine from Indiana University.  While in Honolulu, inspiration hit Allie to create Crowning Event.  She learned about the art of making flower crowns and other traditional haku lei’s from experienced florists and botanists. Allie felt that Chicago deserved the same kind of workshop.  She strives to bring people together and spread the joy of creating beautiful, fresh flower crowns.

Details on the Workshop

We kicked off the workshop with a background from Crowning Event.  With all 6 ladies placed around the table, they started to learn about each of the tools and flowers.  Then, creativity set in.  The women dove in.  They built their own crowns based on individual styles.  One by one, the Girl Meets Party team hosted a mini photo shoot for each lady.  I loved capturing each lady in her essence with our new studio backdrops.  The Crowning Event Workshop debuted our new backdrops that we created in partnership with Roommates Decor!

What’s to come

We had so much fun with Crowning Event, that we plan to do it again… and again and again!  We’re considering hosting quarterly workshops to get women together, get creative and make new friends.  All of our workshops will be featured on our site, but you can also request a personal workshop at any time, too!  They’re perfect for girls’ get-togethers, bachelorette parties or baby showers.


We had so much fun with these ladies, and hope you enjoy their photos below!

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