Our Nursery | How We Incorporated Color

I cannot believe we are just a few weeks away from meeting our little one! When we found out we were pregnant, we both knew we wanted to wait to find out the sex. The element of surprise was so exciting to us! Though when it came to figuring out how we were going to decorate our teeny-tiny nursery, I was stumped. I thought that we would do something super neutral, whites and grays only…clean and simple. But once we started looking around, I realized how much that did not fit mine or my husband’s decor taste or personalities. Color is so fun! So, we decided that while we still wanted to keep the clean and simple look, we also wanted to incorporate more color than we had initially thought. So we went for it and we are so happy with how it turned out!

A little color can go a long way

Find one piece to use as a color focal point. For us, it was our dresser. We visited MegMade a couple months ago and fell in love with a dresser that we will also use as a changing table. If you’re not familiar with her work, Meg and her team curate furniture from all over and customize each piece to make your own. We decided on the dresser and had it refinished in a pistachio green color. This is definitely the statement piece in the room and helped everything else we incorporated in the nursery to fall into place. We love it!

Accessorize with color

Once we got our dresser and had our main color focal point, we used that piece to accessorize and bring complimenting colors into the room. My two favorite ways to accessorize a room? Books and plants. Both bring so much color and life into a nursery with ease. We used acrylic bookshelves to allow the books to stand out against the white walls and appear as if they’re floating. We have plants in every room of our home. They are such a great way to freshen up any room. Granted, once the baby is here and he or she is mobile we will likely need to move the plants from reach. Another fun option I debated on – hanging plants!


Play on room size

Because our nursery is so small, I knew if we incorporated too much color it could make the room feel stuffy and even smaller than it already is. We kept the walls white to allow for other pieces to make a statement. It kept the room bright and airy. In general, for small rooms, avoid dark walls and floors as this will also make the room feel smaller. 

Keep the rest simple

Don’t overdo it on color. Once we had our dresser, we kept all other “big pieces” neutral. We chose a white crib, light grey glider, white side table and oatmeal colored curtains. It makes the main color piece stand out and allows you to have fun and get creative with accessories!






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