Our Chicago House Hunt Contingency Plan

It feels like our Chicago house hunt has lasted years, but it’s actually been about 6 [long] months.  We’re narrowing in on single digit days before we need to opt into a contingency plan.  It’s taken longer than expected to find our home.

Why is your Chicago house hunt taking so long?

There are a few reasons.  First, housing inventory is super low.  Interest rates are low, which means many people are refinancing and staying put instead of selling.  For homes that do list, they move super fast.  Second, inventory is even tighter for what we want.  Matt & I really love cottage homes in Chicago.  They’re traditional, classic and just enough space.  However, they also tend to have quirks to them.  When it comes to housing, we’re not quirky people.  [We realized that after we backed out on this home].  Third, it’s super competitive.  We lost one home in a bidding war.

When are you giving in and going to the burbs?

We’re not.  We had a long talk about city vs. suburbs when we started this journey and the suburbs are out of the question for us.  We don’t have anything against the suburbs and it’s a great fit for a lot of people.  It’s not a fit for us.  Our jobs are downtown and we love walking everywhere.  Put simply, we’re urban people.  We deal with the rough weather and expensive taxes to live in a city we love.

So, what’s the plan?

Well, that’s a good question because time is ticking!  If we’re looking at the calendar, we have about 10 days to wrap up our Chicago house hunt before we’re in trouble.  Matt & I discussed it (and chatted with family).  Ultimately, we have three options:

Option 1: Extend Our Lease

With our lease being up soon, the most realistic option is that we could extend our lease by a month or so to buy us more time.  We’re definitely going to try this option first!

Option 2: Rent For Another Year

We do have the option to renew our place, and we love it.  However, we are totally out of room.  Now, that I no longer have the studio, we really need more space.  While we could do this, it’s not really a viable option.

Option 3: Put Everything in Storage & Live with My Parents

So, this option is pretty distant.  Primarily because we just got Emmie into daycare.  We could put things into our MakeSpace storage unit though and live with my parents so we’re ready to buy at any moment.

I’m still holding out hope it will all fall into place, but it’s getting close.  Here’s to hoping!

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