Chicago Baby Show 2019 Top Picks

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year since I attended the Chicago Baby Show.  Last year, I was pregnant with Emmie.


First, if you haven’t heard of the Chicago Baby Show, you should know it’s a magical event once a year at Navy Pier with all of the latest and hottest baby and kid gear.  It’s also a great time to go with friends and reconnect with mom buddies.

This year, I was all about high chairs and jogging strollers since we have most of the baby gear.  However, I still have a few tried and true favorites.  Here are my favorite products from the show.

1.  Summit X3 Baby Jogger

I’ve been on the hunt for a jogging stroller so I can go for runs with Emmie, and this stroller is perfection!  It has their classic one-hand quick fold and all-terrain rubber tires.  Plus, hand-operated rear breaks, which is helpful.  I definitely want one as we move into our new house!

2. Boppy ComfyFit Carrier 

The Boppy ComfyFit Carrier is still one of my favorite products of all time.  I use it almost daily with Emmie and have used it since she was about 3 weeks old.  If a friend asks about their baby registry, I always recommend this product.  It’s made from a yoga pant material so it’s super soft yet still has structure to it so it’s not too flimsy.

3. Frida Baby ToothHugger

This is a small one, but the ToothHugger is on my list to get.  The entire FridayBaby line is so great for little ones in their first year, plus the company just came out with a new line for moms in the 4th trimester.  Brillant!  Read all about it here on their site.  Of course, there are a million great products out there, but these were my top three that I absolutely loved.  Tell me below – are there products you can’t live without??

Chicago Baby Show sponsored this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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