BOOBIE* Superfoods Review & The Best Exclusive Pumping Schedule

BOOBIE* Superfoods Review & Exclusive Pumping Schedule

Boobie* Superfoods review

As soon as I tried the brand, I knew I wanted to write a BOOBIE* Superfoods review and share my exclusive pumping schedule. I find that discovering products that taste good and are clean can be a tall order, so I was pleasantly surprised to find BOOBIE* Superfoods (more on their website here). 

This post is sponsored by BOOBIE* Superfoods, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ll share it below as well, but you can get 15% off your order with JENN15 on their site

BOOBIE* Body Protein Shakes

boobie* superfoods review

This is my favorite BOOBIE* Superfoods product! I’m a sucker for a good protein shake, and this one is truly delicious.  I have tried all of the flavors and liked them all.  My top two flavors are Vanilla Chai and Chocolate, but more on that below. 

The best part – when I drink one of these smoothies – just a scoop of the mix and water – my supply increases by 4-5oz per day! It’s been so helpful! You can easily shop for it here

I was so discouraged when I first started breastfeeding because Archie started outpacing me quickly. To be honest, I felt like quitting. But then I tried BOOBIE* and within a few days, my supply started increasing.  It gave me the interest to keep going.  

Since I found out I was pregnant, I started working with a nutritionist. My goal has been to round out my meals as well as the family’s and she was impressed by the ingredients label as well. BOOBIE* Body is packed with protein, fiber and milk-boosting superfoods, which is why it helps with lactation.  

I think it’s an important call-out too that just because you drink BOOBIE* Body doesn’t mean you’ll instantly start lactating, ha! So, I actually plan to drink it even when I’m done breastfeeding because it’s a clean, delicious drink. 

I’m so tight on time these days that being able to supplement with something healthy vs. prepping a meal is a game changer for me. 

Vanilla Chai is my go-to flavor.  It tastes like a true vanilla chai with a sweet, but not too sweet flavor.  I keep it easy and mix mine with water. However, there are tons of recipes to choose from using the mix. 

Shop BOOBIE* Body here and get 15% off or use code JENN15


boobie* bark

BOOBIE* Bark is a great alternative to lactation cookies.  As delicious as lactation cookies are, they contain a lot of sugar and that really adds up.  

Plus, I noticed that a combination of too much sugar and a lack of sleep (hello newborn phase) had me feeling extra gross. 

The BOOBIE* Bark is light with a hint of sweetness from the chocolate chips, but not too overpowering.  I like to keep it in our diaper bag so I have a snack when I’m on the go – Emmie likes to steal nibbles, too. 

I have not noticed a direct increase in supply from eating the BOOBIE* Bark; however, I think it’s about having healthy nutrients to fuel you versus constantly increasing production. 

Shop BOOBIE* Bark here and get 15% off or use code JENN15


boobie bar

If I could eat one thing the rest of my breastfeeding career, it would be BOOBIE* Bars!  When I first thought about writing a BOOBIE* Superfoods Review, I thought that I really needed to share how delicious these bars are with the world.  Everyone needs them. 

I’ve tried all three flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Blueberry Muffin.  All of them taste great, but Oatmeal Chocolate Chip is a clear winner for me.  

The Peanut Butter flavor is very peanut butter, so as long as you love that, you’ll like the bar. Blueberry Muffin tastes just like it sounds – a blueberry muffin.  I tend to gravitate towards chocolatey things, which is why I love Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. 

I buy these bars 4 boxes at a time because I eat so many, ha! Initially, I used the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip BOOBIE* Bars as a mid-morning snack in-between exclusive pumping sessions, but now they’ve become my nightly dessert. 

It’s so funny because I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth while pregnant, but since having Archie, I *have* to have dessert every time. 

Shop BOOBIE* Bars here and get 15% off or use code JENN15


exclusive pumping schedule

If you’re breastfeeding or exclusively pumping, then you know you can never drink enough water. I feel like all I do is drink water all day and it never seems to be quite enough. 

Hydromom has been a game changer for me in this department because it’s a  superfood electrolyte drink mix for moms to help increase hydration. I’ve tried Strawberry Kiwi and Blue Raspberry.  

The Strawberry Kiwi is pretty sweet – a little too sweet for me.  The Blue Raspberry is so light and refreshing – I can’t get enough of it.  

I have one in the morning and one in the afternoon to boost my hydration.  My goal is to drink 100oz of water every day, which is so much easier with Hydromom. 

Shop Hydromom here and get 15% off or use code JENN15


I’ll be honest – I would not have thought to order these if they weren’t in the Motherload. I have been taking prenatal vitamins and wouldn’t have thought about another supplement. 

However, these BOOBIE* Bears have elderberry, which has kept me from getting sick! I, unfortunately, ran out of BOOBIE* Bears and did not replenish fast enough.  Low and behold, I caught Emmie’s cold within a week. Instantly, I hopped on BOOBIE*’s website to order more. 

My only complaint is they taste so good it’s hard to only have three.  If you’re not sleeping through the night, I highly recommend getting these to boost your immune system. 

Shop BOOBIE* Bears here and get 15% off or use code JENN15

A Working Mom’s Exclusive Pumping Schedule

ways to increase breast milk supply

If you’re going to exclusively pump, you’ll want a good breast pump.  I shared my Elvie vs. Spectra breast pump review here. A good breast pump can really change the amount of milk you produce, which is what I found with the Elvie vs. Spectra breast pump.

There are a million exclusive pumping schedules on the internet, and frankly, all you really need to do is pump every 2-3 hours.  

However, I found it helpful to research a few to create my own. A working mom’s exclusive pumping schedule is absolutely a thing, so if you’re trying to do it all, I hope I can help you! 

I am a believer that it takes a lot of trial and error to create the right schedule for you.  I also found that in order to keep up with Archie, I need to pump every 2.5-3 hours.  On the days I can’t do that, I pump every 3 hours and we supplement with formula. 

If I learned one thing from breastfeeding and exclusively pumping with Emmie, it’s follow your body and do what works. You can’t force your production – you have to accept it.  The number of times I’m pumping per day is typically 6-7 times, which is how I’ve based the schedule below.

You can adjust your schedule based on the number of times per day you want to pump.

Hour by Hour Exclusive Pumping Schedule

exclusive pumping schedulee

  • 7:00a – Wake up, snuggle Archie and shower while Matt gets Emmie ready 
  • 7:30a – Pump while doing my hair and makeup (note: this is my best session of the day! I can make up to 15oz on both sides) 
  • 8:00a – Feed Archie and make Emmie’s breakfast 
  • 8:30a – Put Archie down for a nap, make a BOOBIE* Body Shake
  • 9:00a – Start work for the day and drink 20oz of Hydromom 
  • 10:00a – Pump for 15-20 minutes depending on my schedule, eat 1 BOOBIE* Bar
  • 11:00a – Drink 20oz of water 
  • 12:30p – Pump for 15 minutes, eat lunch, and drink 20oz of Hydromom 
  • 1:30p – Eat a handful of BOOBIE* Bark as a snack with 20oz of water 
  • 3:00p – Pump for 15-20 minutes 
  • 4:30p – Nanny leaves and the workday ends
  • 5:30p – Pump for 15-20 minutes while prepping dinner 
  • 6:00p – Family dinner, and drink 20oz of water 
  • 8:00p – Pump for 15-20 minutes
  • 9:00p – In bed for the night (and get ready for the middle of the night feeds)

Nursing tanks have been my savior to keep up with this schedule because it is a lot.  I also keep my pump parts in the fridge between feeds to cut down on washing in between. I think it’s also important to call out that I work from home, and I’m on zoom most of the day.  

So, scheduling pumping sessions is often easier for me because I can just move my camera up while I pump. 

However, as the baby gets older, I plan to drop down to 3-4 feeds per day and will start by dropping some of my lower producing feeds in the late afternoon first.  Weaning is a whole other topic to cover!

Know that whatever you’re able to accomplish is good. With Emmie, I worked with a lactation consultant and put so much pressure on myself to exclusively breastfeed her and it drove me crazy.  Finding yourself after having a baby is hard.  I wrote about my experience with it here

With Archie, I knew I had to accept what my body could do.  I’ve been lucky that with the support of BOOBIE* Body, I can keep up with him.  However, I’m also more relaxed this time. I fully accept what my body can do because I know that’s what’s actually best for myself and then my family.  It’s OK to supplement because any amount of breast milk is great. 

Don’t forget, you can get 15% off your order with JENN15 on their site.

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