A Beach-side Dinner Party Escape

Planning a beach-side winter escape?  Or simply need some warm vibes this winter season?  Nikki Smith is sharing her 30th birthday beach-side dinner party escape in partnership with 30Ablaze.

Planning the trip

When I found out that my 30th birthday was going to be beach-side by a bonfire hosted by 30Ablaze, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  For me, I’m all about good vibes and simple details. While there’s a time and place for extravagance, beach-side in sunny Florida creates the perfect ambiance without many frills.

Designing the table

I love to dress the table to the theme for the evening.  I pulled in natural elements to spark the feeling of summer nights as we sat by the bonfire beach-side. In fact, the evening was centered around a bonfire.  For a sunset, beach-side dinner, simple touches were key because our surroundings were already so beautiful. I chose color accents that played off the sun’s lighting and simple greenery that kept the elements natural.  For garland, I intertwined a mixed greenery bouquet down the middle of the table and then laced white votive candles amidst the leaves. Each napkin was folded and place on the plates, wrapped with a single sprig of rosemary and a piece of twine.

Insider tip for using votives and live greens:

Burn the candles beforehand to a point where the wick is beneath the tip of the casing. This will help protect the greens from the flame, especially if you are outdoors and there is wind.  It also creates a romantic setting before guests even arrived.  A candle that’s been burning feels like a cozy home that’s been lived in and makes guests immediately comfortable.

The Tablescape

Here are a few shots of the tablescape from our night together.  I’d love to hear if you’ve hosted a dinner party beach-side or if you plant to host one soon!


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