Life Lately | Baby Girl is 4 Months Old & I’m Back to Work!

It’s hard to believe the last detailed post I wrote was ‘I had a baby girl‘ at the end of September.  Now I’m back to work!  There are moments where I felt so put together.  Other times, I felt completely overwhelmed.  That’s parenthood, right? It’s been a whirlwind since Emilia arrived.  Although I’ve been quietly working in the background for quite some time now, I’m full steam ahead as of Monday this week!

I can be honest with you all right?  Life with a baby reminds me of starting Girl Meets Party.  Emotions are extreme.  You pendulum swing from beyond excitement, beaming with pride at all of the developments, to uncertainty and discomfort with decisions because you’re a first timer.  Don’t get me wrong, having a baby is much more special than starting a business.  However, general sentiment is there.  I struggled writing this post a bit because I haven’t shared any information with you all in four months and there is SO much to share!

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Did you take maternity leave?

I did!  I was super lucky to have Suree cover my desk so I could take time with family and enjoy Emilia.  I was also on maternity leave from my full-time employer.  Matt & I both overlapped the first two weeks, which was heaven!  Honestly, it felt like a vacation.  After working 2 jobs last year while pregnant and only taking time off for our babymoon, the first two weeks felt like a break.  Both of us joked that we felt so well-rested from it even though we weren’t sleeping at all.  The first few weeks I think you’re running on adrenaline a bit, too.  Regardless, it was so amazing to be home as a family.  Matt just started his paternity leave.  Even though I’m working, it feels a bit like vacation again.

How did you like being at home?

I loved it [for the most part].  Let me be honest out the gate – I don’t think I could do it full-time.  Full-time mamas deserve a HUGE award.  I don’t know how they do it.  There are a few days that were crazy hard that I wouldn’t want to repeat.  Breastfeeding was definitely a challenge and anyone who tells you it’s easy is crazy.  Sorry, but they are.  After the newness wore off, I had to remind myself that motherhood was my new ‘job.’  With any job, the first 90 days is super hard because you don’t know anything yet.  Establishing routines and knowing what ‘you’re good at’ takes time.  It’s also been the most rewarding ‘job’ I’ve had.  To help with my missing routine

Emilia changed literally every day.  Watching her start to make some big developments (especially around 3 months) has been so cool.  It’s amazing to see this tiny human you created start to figure out the world.  For example, in the last week, she’s learned how to rollover, pick up things (and put them in her mouth) and is starting to giggle!  It’s insane how fast they develop and I feel fortunate that I’ve been at home to see it all.

Are you excited to get back to work?

YES!  So this has been tricky because I’m sad to leave Emilia, but so excited to get back to work.  I have really been missing my routine.  I’m making some big career changes and defining what a new routine looks like.  With all this change, I still feel super unsettled, to be honest, but I’ll get there!  We all start somewhere, right?  I took my first conference call in months this week and I felt a little rusty, ha!  Excited to get back in the groove.

What’s been the craziest part of Emilia joining your family?

The strangest part is that it feels like she’s always been here.  I obviously have so many memories before Emilia, but I feel like she was out of town during them or something.  I know that’s completely bizarre, but if you’re a mom, maybe you feel this way, too?  It’s also amazing how you’ll do literally anything to make them happy or protect them.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Gosh, this feels like OUR year.  I’m finally where I want to be with my career after 3 years of hard work, Matt & I are over the moon with Emilia and we’re looking for a home to plant our roots.  After we re-did (and sold) our Lincoln Park home, I’m hungry for a new project.

Here are a few of my favs from the first 4 months

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