Baby Prepping Our Condo Rental

If you’ve owned before, I think you’d agree – owning and renting your home are two very different states of mind.  Renting, by its nature, is temporary. We owned a condo in Lincoln Park a few years back. When I decorated in that space, it was so much more meaningful to me than our current rental condo.  We found out we were pregnant in January, and I knew we’d be baby prepping our rental condo for our new little one. It was important to me to find the balance between ‘the perfect space for our baby’ and ‘we’re not living here forever.  Today, I’m sharing how we flipped two of our rooms.

Dining Room to Baby Play Space



We figured we wouldn’t be doing nearly as much entertaining with a baby.  Plus, with a huge island and 4 stools we have enough space to comfortably have dinner at ‘the table.’  So, we decided it was time for the dining room table to go to storage. Luckily, it made its way right over to the Girl Meets Party studio.  

We also moved the buffet table, and I assumed we’d leave that space open.  That quickly changed when we were shopping for Emmie’s bedroom furniture. Matt picked out her crib, and I fell in love with her nightstand.  Initially, we weren’t going to buy a dresser, but I figured we might as well get the matching dresser while it’s in stock. So, we’re using her dresser in the baby play space as a pseudo changing space/buffet/storage.  I think it frames the space really well! Plus, the additional storage is greatly appreciated since our place has 0 closets.

Guest Bedroom to Nursery



Honestly, this room has never been my favorite because there’s no natural sunlight.  It’s missing that light & airy feeling making it a tough space to decorate. However, I wanted to make the most of it for our little peanut.  We live in a 2 bedroom condo and have family in town, so it’s ideal to still keep a guest bed. When I was thinking about baby prepping our rental condo, this was the toughest room for me.  It was clear not everything would fit.

I decided to brighten the room with the help of gold polkadot wallpaper from Roommates Decor. It couldn’t have been easier to apply!  It’s literally like a giant sticker that you smooth onto the wall. Plus, it’s perfect for a rental because it doesn’t damage the walls.  [I know this from personal experience because I goofed up a pattern at the Girl Meets Party Studio and had to redo it – no damage!]. Plus, since we didn’t know the gender of baby, it felt gender neutral enough.  

Then, I partnered with Pretty in Print to get the adorable ‘Hello Little One’ print.  I knew it would be perfect for our nursery. I picked out sheets in advance, but honestly wish I would have waited.  Once we knew our little one was a girl, I wanted pink sheets because the room felt too masculine to me. I found her sheets at West Elm on sale and linked them here and here for you.  I ordered two sets because…. Baby and dirty diapers, ha!

We made slight modifications to our room to fit her bassinet, but nothing too noteworthy to share.  While baby prepping our rental condo is only temporary, it definitely feels like home.


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