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Ted and I ended our Greek island adventures with a two day stay in Athens, Greece. Athens is a hot, sunny, and bustling city. It was a complete contrast to the relaxed and breezy atmosphere that Ted and I enjoyed in Santorini and Naxos. With only a few days there, we focused our stay around the grounds of the Acropolis.

As a kid, I remember learning about ancient Greece and how Athens was home to democracy. My textbook had pictures of the famous Parthenon perched on a hill and I always dreamed of visiting someday. So, when Ted and I climbed up the slopes of the massive, rocky hill that the Parthenon sits on, I had a “pinch me” moment. I could not believe that I was really there! There’s no better feeling than seeing the places that you read about in books as a kid.

The Parthenon honors Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war a.k.a. the original #bosslady. The best part of this temple is the view from the top. Its incredible.  Athens has a very distinct skyline – its a sea of cramped white buildings with hills dotted with the ruins of ancient temples.

Travel tip: when visiting the Parthenon do not climb up the hill wearing flip flops like I did. It’s so rocky and slippery ! I nearly slipped to my death more times than I can count on the way up.

The area surrounding the Parthenon is known as the Acropolis. It’s filled with so much history and has been inhabited by numerous empires (Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, etc).  Surrounding the main hill are many ancient ruins, churches, museums, shops, and other temples to visit and explore.

Make sure you visit these Acropolis sites:

Ancient Agora

These were open areas where Greeks could assemble and enjoy daily life. The Agora’s of Athens are famous for hosting lectures by the legendary Socrates.

Plaka Neighborhood

This residential neighborhood sits in the shadow of the Parthenon and filled with cute shops and a restaurants with tasty Greek delicacies. Think goodies like honey, olive oil, and baklava. My favorite thing to eat was the eggplant lasagna, I had it both nights 🙂

Temple of Hephaestus

Honoring the God of metal working the Temple of Hephaestus is well preserved and great to walk around.

Athens is where we concluded our amazing Greek vacation. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. From picturesque Santorini first, relaxed Naxos to the grandeur of Athens, the trip had a fantastic flow that gave Ted and I some incredible memories.

If you’ve been to Greece what were your favorite places to visit?

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