April Blog Traffic Report

I’m back for month two of my blog traffic report!  I detailed last month’s report stats and goals here.  My main focus was to start optimizing my posts and start cleaning up my Pinterest boards.

Blog traffic report numbers

In April, I had 6,563 pageviews (up +656 views, +11% vs. last month)

I’m honestly shocked I beat March’s numbers because my April blog traffic report is all organic traffic!  I’m super proud of myself for beating last month’s numbers.  The majority of my traffic (nearly half!) came from my Valspar post again, which really shows me the importance of SEO.  I discovered this post has landed on Google’s top 10 list from SEM Rush.

Top April Posts

How I tracked to my goals

We became really busy really fast with The Marketing Greenhouse, which is GREAT!  However, that takes away from the time I dedicate myself to learning.  So, I didn’t do the SEM Rush or Pinterest training as planned.  I’m tackling those goals this month instead.

Why I fell short of my [written] goals but beat my [traffic] goals

While I fell short of my written goals, I kept an eye on the numbers and I spent time sharing posts to my social media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  I also optimized the posts that were doing well and it paid off!

May goals

I’ll be honest… each month I get nervous about beating last month’s numbers and sharing it in the blog traffic report.  Why are we so hard on ourselves?? It’s all about learning and growing, right?  I have new content planned this month that I’m excited to share with you all!

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