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It’s been a wild couple of months to say the least! Along with adjusting to working full-time & being out of school, Girl Meets Party has grown like crazy. And if you didn’t already know, Jen had her baby girl, Emmie, so I’ve been covering for her on maternity leave. Within a matter of weeks (the cute little peanut came a week early!), I’ve had to quickly take over managing the Girl Meets Party studio, blog, and on-board two new interns. I’m sharing how it’s all been going, and how I’ve been adjusting to change this past month.

Learning how to manage others

Girl Meets Party has always been a small but might team. However, with one person out (the founder of all people!) I knew we had to bring on additional help to assist with managing social media, the newsletter, studio visits, and the list goes on & on! My job has always been designing & creating the creative assets and executing social media plans. However, with the main planner (Jen) out, studio visits & events were added to the list, so I knew I needed people to take on some of the workload. Gillian & Macey to the rescue! I’ve been so used to just managing myself, so it has required some adjustment to manage additional people (I warned them I had crazy eyes!). But they’ve been so great! I love how eager they are to learn, and they’ve helped keep the business afloat.

Being lead coordinator at an event

You guys – this was a pretty big deal for me! Some may not know this, but I’m quite the introvert. If you’ve seen my Instastory takeovers, you’d know (on the weekend, I usually work on GMP & get Starbucks multiple times a day). So, being the lead coordinator for a bridal brunch at our studio definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone. Thankfully, Gillian & Macey were right by my side, so that really helped things run smoothly. Jen was also such a great support. This experience really pushed me to be confident in my abilities!

Exercise is now a thing!

With the extra responsibilities, my energy was starting to run low. I didn’t necessarily feel drained, but I was definitely feeling tired. I was getting as much sleep as I could, and if I consumed any more caffeine than I normally do, that would probably turn into a health problem. My last resort? Exercise. I remember Jen telling me exercise gives you energy, and she’s right! There actually is something to it! Clearly I’ve been too lazy if I think it’s this profound! Adjusting to change throws everything out of whack, so being able to consistently exercise has been a really healthy and beneficial way to keep my energy levels up.

It’s been a lot of growing this past month. Adjusting to change is never easy, but I’m even more exciting for what’s next to come!

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