A Guide to Visiting Florida

When you think of your summer road trip, you don’t often think of Florida.  Today, we’re sharing all of the fun things you can do in Florida and why to consider it!

A road trip in Florida should include the Keys, Miami and Tampa if possible. Head through Florida and book a hotel in Fort Pierce, Florida along the way. You’ll be two hours away from Miami and Orlando and you can find so much to do in Florida that suits the whole family. Disney World isn’t all Florida has to offer. Here are some of the other things that you can find on your road trip:

  1. Dali Museum. The waterfront of St. Petersburg is one of the most picturesque places in Florida that you could visit. From said waterfront, you can see an imposing building with a huge glass atrium right out the front – this is the Dali Museum, famous for the largest Salvador Dali collection in the world. Nearby is the Wine Madonna bar, where you can grab a drink and talk over the beautiful sculptures and The Hallucinogenic Toreador.
  2. The Keys. Next, you need to take your road trip toward the Keys. Highway 1 can take you right the way to Key West, and you can indulge in burgers to die for, gift shops with the kitschiest gifts you can find, and head to Hemingway Home & Museum. It’s where the great Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote and his studio is exactly as he left it.
  3. Go East. The east of Florida holds Fort Myers, where you can catch spectacular shows at the Arcade Theatre. Most of the galleries in Fort Myers also have days where you can meet the artists of the paintings and pictures, which means you get a little cultural taste while you’re travelling. Then, take yourself to the white sands and clear oceans on Fort Myers beach.
  4. Tamper With Tampa. You don’t have to bother with Disney World if you want to see other things, but you could instead, choose to deal with Busch Gardens. Tampa is where it’s at when you want to see animals roaming, in both the gardens and the Lowry Park Zoo. There is so much in Tampa and it’s not just for kids; adults will be able to marvel at the sights, too.

A road trip has to be as packed with things to do as possible, and Florida gives you all of that plus the sun tan you’ve been desperate for. Take a moment to breathe it in, because the ocean is calling and you’ve got the wheels to get there.

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