Life Lately | 6 Months with Emilia Maeve

Whoa, 6 whole months with my little girl, Emilia Maeve.  In the last 6 months so much has changed.  I became a mom, I quit my corporate job, and became an entrepreneur full-time.  I’ve been fascinated by this teeny human who develops every day before my eyes.  I’ve been so lucky that Lauren Michelle has captured all of these moments for us because the time really does fly!

6 month photos - lauren michelle photography

Watching Emilia develop has truly been the greatest joy of my life.  It sounds so cliche, but it’s the truth.  While she changed so much early on, months 4 and 5 feel like her greatest developments.  In month 4, Emmie learned how to grip things with one hand.  Then, two hands.  Then, bringing it up to her face.  She started exploring like crazy.  You could see the little wheels in her brain turning processing everything.

baby girl tulle skirt

She’s developed the most expressive face and is full of smiles.  At 5 months, activity kicked into an all-time high.  She loves to stand-up, learned to sit up and has taken her first few steps (with assistance).  Every month brings new joy in teaching her and watching her learn.  We affectionately call her Mrs. Busy because she can’t get enough of her activity center.

little poppy-cheerily custom onesie

You really do have to soak in every moment because it goes so fast!  I try to take one new photo of her every day so we can watch the progression, and we do a weekly photo too with her letterboard.  Emilia Maeve has become such a snuggle bug.  Within the last week she’s learned how to hug.  We say ‘family hug’ and reach our arms out and she does the same.  It’s precious!!

She still loves to cook with me on a nightly basis.  Processing all of the fun foods we’re mixing.  I think it’s piqued her interest in food.  Now that we’ve started solids, she’s so into it!  Emilia Maeve loves bananas.  While avocados aren’t her favorite, she won’t turn them down!

little poppy march bows

Her favorite thing to do is still be out and about in the boppy carrier facing out.  Matt says she looks like she’s leading the pack.  Nighttimes are still my favorite though.  She slows down and gets so snuggly with me.  I absolutely love that time.  Since I left my corporate job, I regularly think about how different our lives are now! While sometimes the lack of structure it’s hard, I feel so unbelievably lucky that I’m able to spend so much time with her.  For example, I’m able to go to music class with her on Thursdays and still build a business.  She’s made me feel like I do have it all, and I’m eternally grateful.

Emilia Maeve’s Monthly Photos

All photography by Lauren Michelle Photography 

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