5 Things To Do In Santorini

Of all the places I’ve ever visited, Santorini is the most beautiful. A few years ago, Ted and I took a tour of Greece and to this day it remains our favorite trip ever.

Santorini is a tiny, rocky island that juts out of the Mediterranean Sea’s blue waters. After visiting, I can see how the legends and myths of the Greek gods were formed. There is something so magical about this island and I can just see the likes of Zeus and Poseidon running around its otherworldly scenery! Santorini holds a special place in my heart and without a doubt you need to make sure you visit there someday.

Below are my top five things to do when you explore beautiful Santorini. Check them out and start your trip planning to Greece soon!

Take a boat ride around the island

Ted and I took a boat tour that gave us stunning views of Santorini’s cliffs. The tour took us around the island and we then visited the volcanic caldera that was responsible for creating the island. I was so excited to walk on a volcano, but it’s really just a pile of dark rocks! The boat ride ended up being my favorite.

Wander the streets

If you’re a photo lover like me, every corner you turn in Santorini is picture ready. You can easily walk the entire island in a day, so take your time and practice your photo skills. I know I did!

Live the Aegean  lifestyle

In other words: RELAX. One thing I noticed is that no one in Greece was in a hurry. People sat around, enjoyed meals, people watched, they enjoyed life.  On most of our vacations Ted and I are always hustling to see all the sights. That’s the nice thing about Santorini – you’re on a small island and you get the gist of it pretty quick. So instead of trying to see everything we actually found ourselves relaxing and living slowly. It was the best.

Splurge on dinner

Something about Santorini made me want to indulge in everything and live the good life. Ted and I splurged on dinner in one of the island’s nicest restaurants that looked over the ocean. Ted ate fresh fish caught that afternoon, and I, of course, had my usual chicken. It was a dinner I’ll always remember and was one of the most romantic nights we’ve had.

Watch the sunset in the town of Oia

It is said that the sunset seen from the edge of Oia (a small town in Santorini) is the most beautiful in the world. After seeing it myself, I can’t disagree! I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I hope I’ve convinced you to go! Stay tuned for posts on the island of Naxos and the ancient city of Athens. In the meantime, check out some other travel posts for some vacay inspo!

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