5 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School

Little known fact – I actually don’t know how to swim.  So, when Goldfish Swim School approached me about scheduling swimming lessons for Emmie, I was ecstatic.  I had taken lessons as a kid, but they dunked me when I wasn’t ready and I quit.  Ever since I’ve lacked the ability to swim.  Sad, I know, but maybe I’ll learn with Emmie.  As soon as Emmie turned 6 months, I wanted to start lessons.  We’ve been taking lessons for a little over a month now at Goldfish Swim School in Roscoe Village and I absolutely love it.

goldfish swim school

1. The class is efficient and fun

Honestly, this is my favorite part about Goldfish Swim School lessons.  The classes are 30 minutes long.  Each activity is maybe 2-5 minutes so the 30 minutes just flies by!  They have fun songs to sing to the kids that parents can participate with.  Emmie starts giggling to the songs and splashing around.  Also, each child gets some personalized attention from the teacher, which is nice.  It gives the kids to get 1×1 time with the teacher, but also just be a kid and splash around when another child is in the spotlight.

2. The facility is so clean

OK, I kid you not… Goldfish Swim School is a well-oiled machine!  They have plenty of space and cubbies to prep for class and store your belongings.  Then, there are private rooms for families to change, a machine to dry swimsuits, a changing table area and hairdryers for kids and adults.  I swear they’ve thought of everything.

3. The staff is super friendly and helpful at Goldfish Swim School

When we first arrived, a friendly staff member gave us a tour.  Plus, when you sign up, you get a welcome bag with a reusable swim diaper.  Emmie’s teacher is also super sweet.  She learned her name quickly and is very engaging with the kids.

4. Rescheduling makeups is a breeze

Life happens and it’s tough to commit to a weekly time.  However, Goldfish Swim School has an easy web interface to reschedule classes.  I’ve also emailed the staff to help me and they’re super friendly and helpful, too.

5. Emmie is learning and progressing each week

OK, I know I said their fun, efficient classes were my favorite part, but so is watching Emmie learn.  We’re lucky in that she liked the water immediately, but it’s been so fun to see her get more and more excited each week.  She was initially hesitant to go under the water, but has started embracing it more each week!

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