5 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need

Earlier this year, Girl Meets Party made the big migration over from Squarespace to WordPress, and it was quite the learning curve to say the least! As we approach our 1 year anniversary of the transition, we’re sharing 5 essential WordPress plugins you need. If you’re new to blogging, these WordPress plugins have made working with this platform SO much easier! Even better – they’re all free!


Making sure your posts are good to go for SEO is essential, and the Yoast plugin does just that. You’ll get an easy guide on how to edit your posts for optimal readability, keyword(s), & more. It takes the guess work out of SEO, and has saved us a lot of time and energy!


Elementor has been a life-saver when comes to visually formatting our webpages and posts if we want to do something that would typically require HTML or CSS. Elementor’s UI is similar to Squarespace in that you can drag and drop box elements, making it super easy to use.

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

Getting leads from our website traffic is how we’ve built our newsletter list to create a loyal blog following, and if you use MailChimp, this MailChimp Forms by MailMunch plugin makes it super easy to integrate new users without much effort! With this plugin, you’re able to create multiple variations of newsletter forms, like pop-ups, side bars, etc., and link them to any list in your MailChimp account.

Antispam Bee

Data integrity is important to monitor, so you’ll want to minimize any spam activity on your site. The Antispam Bee plugin blocks any potential threats from happening. You’ll even get an email notification if something suspicious pops up so that you can go in an easily investigate.


For tracking analytics, Jetpack has been our go-to. The UI is super user-friendly, and it provides the sufficient data we need. It’s a quick & easy way to view our numbers for the day, month, and year!

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