5 Apps to Run Your Business

Running a business is hard work!  You quickly realize that you become every department, which is why we’ve summarized the top 5 apps to keep you organized and efficient!


Planoly is hands down the best investment we’ve made in our business.  For $9 a month, we’re able to plan out our grid, analyze our Instagram results and pre-write all of our captions and hashtags.  Also, auto-post is an option.  It’s literally the best!  Planoly doesn’t specifically offer any referral bonuses for those that sign-up.  However, if you sign up, we’ll personally venmo you $5 for using our referral link and split the bonus with you.


Dropbox is the perfect app to keep all of your photos organized.  We create a new folder for each event and save all of our favorite photos.  It makes social media content planning so much easier.  Also, Dropbox can sync to your computer, making it easy to find photos while you’re working on your laptop or desktop.  After a few months of using the regular service, we quickly upgraded to the premium for more storage.  Worth it!

Google Analytics or WordPress

If you’re a blogger [or honestly running any business], it’s important to understand your web traffic. Knowing the content that does best for your readers is imperative to maintain an engaged audience.  For business owners, it can also help clue if potential clients are finding the right pages to connect with you.

We have both Google Analytics and WordPress.  For day-to-day numbers, I often default to WordPress.  However, Google Analytics is super important to have if you plan to work with brands or operate as an influencer.


Honeybook is a great application for keeping your business organized if you provide a service.  With Honeybook, you’re able to have one portal that operates as an email system, organizes all contracts & invoices as well as collects payments.  Their system is fairly user-friendly, but does take some time to properly set up and customize.  However, their staff is super friendly to walk you through the process.  We use their service for all of our private events.  It’s made the contracting process extremely easy after we generated templates.  Clients are also able to e-sign, which is a huge perk.  Also, being able to easily send an invoice and offer credit card payment is fantastic.  The best part is Honeybook can link directly to your bank account to deposit funds as well.


If you’re editing photos, Lightroom is definitely the way to go.  Skillshare offers some classes on how to use the app, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a game changer.  With their iPhone app, you can easily edit on your phone, upload to Planoly to pre-plan content and eventually share to Instagram or Facebook.

What are your favorite apps?  Did we miss any?  You may also have found our tips on how to manage a busy schedule helpful, which Jen, Suree & Paola live by! 

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