2018 Blogger & Social Media Influencer Trends to Know

If you’re a social media influencer, blogger or looking to take the plunge with either this year, we rounded up the advice on what you need to know to maximize your business or creative outlet this year.  We’re kicking off the new year and digging into the latest social media trends for 2018.

1. Vlogging will grow among social media influencers

This trend doesn’t surprise us, but it does make us think about including more video content in our materials. We’ve seen bloggers and social media influencers start to dabble in it this year.  The Everygirl and Jess Keys’s Instagram stories are two good examples of how to do stories. According to Independent Fashion Bloggers, we’ll see algorithm preference shift to those with engaging video content this year, so it’s time to start dabbling in video!

2. Shoppable posts will become the norm for all

Shoppable posts are a new(er) revenue stream for bloggers and influencers.  It will become more mainstream in 2018.  To beat the curve, explore with Shopify and Planoly Shoppable. Be aware that Planoly Shoppable is $50 per month.  However, Shopify is more affordable at $29 per month. If you’re just getting started, check out some tips from the Social Media Examiner.

3. The FTC will continue to structure laws for influencers

With the impact of influencers and bloggers growing, the rules are constantly being written so staying up to date on the latest information from the FTC is 100% necessary. When in doubt, be more overt with #ad or #sponsored posts. For the latest from the FTC, you can find their guidelines posted on their website or a summary shared on The Fashion Law. Planoly also has some helpful advice in how you can take advantage of the paid sponsorship line in Instagram.

Long story short, if you’ve received the items from a brand (no matter if you’ve been paid or not), you should be sharing that you have an affiliation to the brand. You can be overt about this by sharing #[BRAND]Partner in your post where [BRAND] is the brand name or by adding #sponsored or #ad. Do not bury hashtag call out in the a comment line, ensure it’s clearly labeled. Also, be sure to clearly put a label on InstaStory or Snapchat Story posts. It’s safe to label the first video clip so long as it will most likely be viewed with all other clips.

4. Influencer growth will explode

As the algorithm becomes tougher for major brands and celebrities, they’re looking to influencers (micro and macro) to represent their brands. If you are looking to break through in the influencer world, consider getting started on Collectively or Vetterview.  You can also reach out to your favorite brands to get the conversation going.

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