Celebrating Our First Anniversary with a Wedding Album Viewing

As most can attest, the wedding night flew, but honestly, so did the first year of marriage.  Coming home from the honeymoon, we found ourselves thrown back into everyday life with the work week hustle and working on our new home.  Doing something special to mark our first anniversary and the day our families came together was very important to me.  

I set out to design a beautiful tablescape complimenting the colors we had at our wedding.  Dilly Lily brought my vision to life beautifully.  I set the table with stunning gray plates & bowls, and rose gold flatware from Crate & Barrel with corresponding stemware.  

Wanting a beautiful memoir of our wedding photos, I enlisted the help of Artifact Uprising to curate two beautiful albums.  Our first album is a lay flat style composed of 25 images that capture the highlights of our day.  It’s intended to be the perfect coffee table book for a guest looking for a sneak peek into the first day of our joint life.  The gray cloth cover of the album adds a touch of sophistication, and it is complemented by a rose gold embossment of our last name and wedding date. Our second album was a longer, more detailed album holding all of our favorite moments from the day, including each individual photo we took one on one with each couple attending our big day.  

After viewing the album, just us two, we invited our parents to join us for dinner.  We toasted to one year together with mini champagne bottles we saved from our wedding night, which were used as favors for our guests.  The night was filled with laughter, happy tears and big smiles.  I think we’ll start a new tradition to share a meal together and thumb through our album every year.


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