The Crate & Barrel Must-Have Items for Every Host

There are a set few items I always have at the ready when guests stop by whether it be appetizers before an event or the kick-off to a party in my home.  Having a few platters, serving utensils and glassware on hand can make you ready to host at the sound of the doorbell.

1. Bash Beverage Tub

Cooling your drinks down has never been easier or more stylish with the Bash Beverage Tub from Crate & Barrel.  Center this on a buffet or the patio as the center of your gathering.

2. Anastasia Drink Dispenser

Creating a mixed beverage can cut down on the amount of alcohol you need to purchase.  We love the Anastasia Drink Dispenser because you can have a cute dispenser where all guests can get their drink.

3. French Marble Lazy Susan

The French Marble Lazy Susan is perfect to store your everyday kitchen utensils, but also act as a convenient server when you have guests piled around a table or kitchen island.

4. French Kitchen Marble 2-Tier Server

A two-tier server is a must-have because not only does it make your spread look more appealing by adding levels, but it conserves space, too.  When it comes to two-tier servers, we love the look of the French Kitchen Marble 2-Tier Server.

5. Marble Coasters

Protecting your coffee table has never looked so good thanks to the Marble Coasters.  These coasters can complement your two tier server or any other element in your serving repertoire.

6. Ona Pitcher

We’ve mentioned this one before, but we’re really head over heels for the Ona Pitcher.  We recommend having a few on h and so you can have an assortment of juices or mixers in different containers.

7. Hayes Black Marble Board

A beautiful cheese board is a must-have for any snack-time, and the Hayes Black Marble Board lands it perfectly.  We love the delicate swirl that gives it a masculine feel.

8. Tilt Bowls

The Tilt Bowls bows offer a certain texture to a get together given their shape and variety of sizes.  From finger foods to candles, they’re the perfect addition to the table.

9. Swoon Carafe

If you’re a wine drinker, a carafe is a must-have.  Aside from the benefits of letting your wine breath, they simply look super cool.  Of all the carafes out there, we’re in love with the Swoon Carafe.

10. Cha Cha Pitcher

If you’re having a smaller get together or want to have 1 non-alcoholic option, we highly recommend the Cha Cha Pitcher.  The shape is stunning and it’s the perfect size for serving 6-8 people.

11. Feast Platter

Your charcuterie board will never look the same again. The Feast Platter provides a beautiful contrast to meats and cheese and is the perfect size.

12. 2-Piece Chip and Dip Bowl

Chips and dip are a given at a party so the 2-Piece Chip and Dip Bowl is a definite must-have.  We love that the dip bowl is built into the set.

13. Acacia Wedge Server

This server is one of our favorites.  It can be used as a place setting or an individual platter. The Acacia Wedge Server offers a modern, rustic feel.

14. Moscow Mule Mugs

Who doesn’t like a Moscow Mule?  Now you can get Moscow Mule Mugs in any color you like.  We’re swooning over the black matte.

15. Stemless Wine Glasses

We’ve talked about this one before, too.  Seriously if you don’t have Stemless Wine Glasses, get them.  Like now.  They’re too perfect for wine, water, dessert or even mini flower vases.

16. Camille Wine Glasses

Having a set of 6 red wine glasses and 6 white wine glasses is a must-have.  If you have the space, we recommend a full set of 12 so you’re always ready for a full dinner party.  When it comes to wine glasses, we love the Camille Wine Glasses.

17. Orb Wine-Champagne Bucket

Stylishly chilling your champs is a must-have in our book.  In the world of chillers, we love the Orb Wine-Champagne Bucket.

18. Britta Optic 10-Piece Punch Bowl Set

If you’re having a big party, you may want to skip the drink dispenser and go for the full-blown punch bowl.  If you have the room, having one on hand is idea, and we love the Britta Optic 10-Piece Punch Bowl Set.

19. Appetizer Plates

You have all the platters, but what do your guests eat off of?  We love white Appetizer Plates because they’ll fit any theme.

20. Copper Fondue Set

You may only use it every so often, but a Copper Fondue Set is a fancy must-have.  Perfect for in-home date nights and special events, we love a good fondue set.

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