Five Things I’m Welcoming into My Life as I Turn 30

Today marks a big milestone.  I turn 30, and I couldn’t be more excited.  My 20s were amazing, and honestly, I wouldn’t change much, if anything.  I graduated from college, lived on my own (in 5 places to be exact), met the love of my life, married him and bought our first home, started my own business and climbed a few rungs on the corporate ladder.

Photo compliments of Iron + Honey Photography / Hair & Makeup by Rare Bird Beauties Photo compliments of Iron + Honey Photography / Hair & Makeup by Rare Bird Beauties

As I think to my 30s, I feel empowered to welcome a fresh way of thinking.  I’m kicking off my new decade with some revised life principles.

1. Nurture Valuable Relationships

Like the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old.  Some are silver and some are gold.”  I’m fortunate that I’ve maintained most of my friends from college + high school.  Especially now, we’re on different paths whether it be lifestyle, career or family choices.  The friends I’m closet to accept me for who I am and vice versa.   We work to understand the dynamics of one another’s life and appreciate the values of that person.

Friends come into our lives at different times and for different reasons.  Some last forever (you know who you are), and some for a period of time.  Towards the latter half of my 20s, I felt bad when I’d fall out of touch with friends.  Now I accept it.  As lives become more dynamic, it’s time to appreciate the amazing friends you have and let go of the others.  Maybe they’ll come back some day.  And if they don’t, it was really fun while it lasted (especially if we were at Kilroys or Beaumont).

2. Appreciate My Body, Mind & Soul

In my 20s, I was constantly fretting over body image and living a super unbalanced life.  Routinely eating healthy during the week and letting a little too loose on the weekends isn’t fun to me anymore.  [Don’t get me wrong, it still happens sometimes just not every weekend]. I want to feel good and look good.

I used to be obsessed with the number on the scale, and I finally embraced the ‘it’s how you feel mentality’ and I feel SO much better.  To me, it’s about consistency, nourishment and overall well-being.  If I’m eating properly, sleeping at least 7 hours a night and working out 3 days a week, I know I’ll feel good.  No diets here, just good old healthy food + exercise.

3.  Let Go of Expectations

Last year I started my first business, Girl Meets Party.  Starting that business was a major wakeup in humility, patience, vulnerability and acceptance.  I read the entrepreneur stories and knew I either needed to (A) stop sleeping or (B) live out of my car [or so I thought].  I opt-ed for (A), went all in and had an entire plan in mind.  I’d work like crazy for 1 year and then, of course, the business would be successful enough to magically go full-time and I’d work to be the next Pretty Quick of the wedding world.

Let’s just get this out there now.  None of those things happened other than me nearly ending up in the hospital from exhaustion.  The bottom line is everyone has their own path.  You don’t need to do option (A) or (B) in order to be successful.  Owning my own business was a great lesson in letting go.  It’s necessary to have a plan, but you have to be ready to ebb and flow with what the business or market desires.  It’s a lesson that I apply to my everyday life as I think about some things as complex as starting a family to as simple as weekend plans.  Lesson learned, go with the flow because good things happen when they’re supposed to [like The Millennial Martha coming to fruition].

4. Be in the Now

Everyone’s busy.  That’s what life is now because we live in a connected world that allows us to be as plugged in as we like.  Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to be mindful and be heads-in.  This became especially true for me when I decided to start another ‘side hustle’ while maintaining my full-time corporate job.  Find your balance and do what works for you.  For me, that’s scheduling my time out [literally by the hour] the week ahead as to how I’ll use my time.  [Yes, that means even my free time].  For you, that may sound terrible or crazy.  For me, it’s exhilarating.  I know what I’m going to tackle, and I don’t feel scrambled doing it.  It also helps me to not feel guilty when I’m working crazy hours because I know when I take time to walk to Sweet Mandy B’s with my hubby, I’ll be tuned in [particularly because I leave my phone at home or in my person when it’s our time].  But like I said, that’s not for everyone.  So you do you, but be in the now.  You only get to live this moment once so do your best to appreciate it.

5. Accept Change

I hate change.  I’m clearly a planner, and when things don’t go according to plan, it’s hard for me.  In college, I wanted to study abroad, but didn’t want to miss out.  Post college, I’ve wanted to move cross country (or out of country) and I’ve never had the guts to do it.  As my life has taken a few twists and turns (especially after getting married), I’ve learned it’s actually much easier to roll with the punches, and when you do, you make room for good things to happen to you.  Fighting the Universe just makes things more difficult.  Moving into this decade, I’m opening myself up to change allowing for the abundance of growth to come my way.  More on this to come in a few weeks because I’ve got a big announcement to share…

Have you recently entered a new decade?  What did you change if anything?  Or do you align yourself to any of these principles?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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