December Goals

December marks the end of the year, and I’m looking to get a few more things done before I put a pin in 2017.

1. Prep for our new site launch

I’m so thrilled we’re going to be re-launching our site shortly after the first of the year.  It’s taken us months and months to plan exactly what we wanted and even more research to find the right person to do it.  We’ve locked down our designer and we’re prepping our content for transfer.  With that comes tons of organization and checking (and re-checking) things.

We’re going to be changing things up in a few big ways with our new site, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  Until then, I’ll be organizing content, finalizing a few team additions and prepping a few new things that will surprise you – stay tuned!

2. Reflect on the year

This has been a HUGE year for us.  We launched in February as a brand new blog, instagram account and Facebook account.  I’m SO proud of what we’ve achieved, but frankly, I’m even more proud to say we’re ON the journey.  This time last year, I was ending a different business because it felt wrong.  This year, I can confidently say, we’re on the path.  We’re not where I want to be (yet!), but I love that.  I love that we’re on the ride and I can see where we’re going.

3. Soak in the holiday season through my nieces + nephews eyes

My nieces and nephews are starting to really get into the holidays and it’s so fun.  Anytime we’re with them, I feel like I get to be a kid again.  With so many fun things around the city, I’m excited to share it with my tiny friends who see the world so creatively.  I love to see the excitement on their faces and watch the magic of Christmas come to life.

4. Take off December 23rd – December 29th

As I mentioned a little earlier, it’s been a huge year for us.  Plus, with working a full time job in conjunction with running the site, time to rest seems few and far between.  Since I’ve been working with a career coach, I’ve really been working on taking better care of myself.  I know this means I have to have some time that is not scheduled to do work or run around, and I’m committing to take 6 days off where I’m going to be completely spontaneous and flexible to refresh.

What are you trying to complete this year? 

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I’ve always had a love affair with creation. Since I was a child, I handmade my gifts or combined toys to design something new. Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still making my gifts every holiday and designing new ways to do things.


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