Gifts for The Homebody

If their name of the game is cozy then we have you covered.  Check out all the gifts a homebody would want below.

For Her

  1. Soul Pants: Sundays will never be cozier than with soul pants from Zella.
  2. Cozy Kimono Robe:  Not only is it festive, but the name says it all.  The Cozy Kimono Robe is a must-have for the lady that likes to stay home.
  3. Stripped Slippers:  Cute meets cozy with these adorable stripped slippers from Mark & Graham.
  4. Purple Dot Flannel PJs:  You can never go wrong with Kate Spade and these purple dot flannel PJs are absolutely adorable and comfy!
  5. Cream Throw Blanket: If you want something stylish and super snuggly, look no further than the cream throw blanket. Plus it’s perfect for holiday décor or year round.
  6. Pure Silk Sleep Mask:  Made out of the ideal fabric for sleep, you can’t go wrong with the pure silk sleep mask from Nordstrom.  It’s incredibly gentle on skin
  7. Inner Beauty Power: A radiant complexion begins with true nourishment of your skin, which is exactly what inner beauty power provides with a curated blend of 24 superfoods.
  8. Silk Pillowcase:  Want your blowout to last longer?  Easy!  Get the slumber party silk pillowcase from Drybar.
  9. Detox Bath Salts:  Detoxify your body and clear your mind with detox bath salts.  They contain a blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils along with high detoxifying Cambrian blue clay.

For Him

  1. Reverse Stripe Hoodie:  Careful, he won’t be leaving the house again once he puts on this crazy cozy reverse stripe hoodie from Nordstrom.
  2. No Boxer Boxer: He’ll find the utmost comfort in Lululemon’s No Boxer Boxer.
  3. Woven PJ Bottoms: These flannel pants have a relaxed fit for ultra lounging capabilities.  The woven PJ bottoms can be found at Mark & Graham.
  4. Suede Slippers:  You can never go wrong with a pair of UGGs, and in particular, we love the ascot suede slippers for their easy slip on ability.
  5. ABC Pant: Men swear by the comfort of the ABC pants from Lululemon.  Although we won’t tell you what ABC stands for, you can easily google the hidden acronym.
  6. Polar Fleece Hoodie:  The name of the game is cozy and the polar fleece hoodie from Nordstrom has you covered.
  7. Cuddle Up Sleeping Bag:  Use it for travel or just to be extra cozy on the couch.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with the faux fur cuddle up sleeping bag from Nordstrom.

Meet Jen

I’ve always had a love affair with creation. Since I was a child, I handmade my gifts or combined toys to design something new. Fast forward twenty years, and I’m still making my gifts every holiday and designing new ways to do things.


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