November Goals

With 9 weeks left in the year, I’m focusing on prepping for 2018, spreading kindness and taking care of my health.  This time of year always seems to fly by, and every year, I try to do my best to get ahead of the parties and gift giving events so I can enjoy it when the time comes.

Photo by Cedar + Rush / Hair & Makeup by Bianca Sansosti Artistry Photo by Cedar + Rush / Hair & Makeup by Bianca Sansosti Artistry

1.  Reconcile 2017 goals and create an end of year hit list

There’s only 9 weeks left in the year and 2.5 of them are holiday weeks, which means it’s time to get serious about what we can accomplish through the end of the year.  I choose to stay organized through my Project List Template, which is where I can create on ongoing list of everything I need to work on (personally & professionally) and have mini to-do lists underneath it.   This week, I’ll be finalizing this list for all things I need to do personally and professionally through the end of the year.  I’m planning to then use the remaining 8 weeks of the year to check things off the list.

I’m super excited about wrapping up the year because starting this week, I’m kicking off work with a career coach to help me get focused on some personal and professional goals over the next year.  I’ll be sharing more details on our work as it progresses.

2. Spread kindness and gratitude in my communities

I think we can all agree it’s been a rough year, to say the least, when we think about all that’s been in the news.  I’ve been working on a collaboration with Paper Source to create thankful + grateful cards for all of us to share with other this season.  We’ll be hosting a ‘Make & Take’ event where guests can create gratitude cards and take them for free.  The event details are:

Paper Source Lincoln Park at 919 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL  60614

Saturday, November 4th 10AM – 12PM

If you can’t join us, I’ll be sharing an easy how-to later this week to create your own.  I’ll put the challenge out to you as well – take the time to write at least 3 notes this holiday season to thank people for something they’ve done for you.  Together, we can spread positivity and love.

3. Focus on self-care

After repeated sinus issues that have left me sick on the couch for two weeks straight, I’m thinking about trying a new diet where I’m only eating clean.  My energy has been low, which is in part due to everything on my plate, but I believe it’s also in part to my diet.  Garbage in, garbage out, and it’s time to get clean.  The holidays can be a tough time to get started, but I believe in no better time than the present.  I’m thinking about sharing some recipes.  If you’d be interested in some of this content, let me know in the comments below.

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