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Teryn Ashley was a single mom that cracked the code on entrepreneurship and decided it was time to give back to other women.  She started The Messy Bun Revolution to unite women and inspire them to jump in and get started.  Learn more about her inspiring story below.

1. What did you study and what was your first job

I majored in dietetics and actually began my career as an entrepreneur.  A semester away from graduating, I was hit head on in car accident and had to have a titanium rod put into my leg.  My life took a unexpected hard left.  I moved home with my parents to recover and had a year worth of physical therapy.  Since I couldn’t move around very much, I started researching real estate investing.

2. How did you get into real estate investing?

My parents worked in real estate investing, and since I couldn’t move very much it seemed like something interesting to learn about while I was recovering.  I did physical therapy for a year and started investing with my parents.  My parents seemed to always be ahead of the curve, and I followed right in their footsteps.  They started doing webinars for people before webinars became common, and I knew there was something there.   At 23, I branched out and starting my business doing webinar editing and production.

3. How did you train on webinars?

I taught myself by figuring by trial and error for several months so I could continue to learn as I implemented.   When you get started, you just have to jump in feet first and learn as much as you can.  I networked as much as I possibly could and sure enough, clients started referring me to others and my business grew.  I love people, and I’ve always kept my eyes and ears open to connect with people and build value.   The connections have been incredible.

In fact, I hosted a webinar for a client who was part of a JV firm.  His partner was on the webinar as well and even though I hadn’t connected with him personally, he ultimately referred my services to his contacts.  I found out about all of this from my brother who happened to be in his mastermind.  I just love that story because it goes to show the power of relationships and why to never take them for granted.

4. You have two businesses.  What’s your second business and how do you juggle it all?

On the webinar side of things, I’ve built a team of people that help to run that piece, which allows me to run my new business, which is coaching, consulting and inspiring female entrepreneurs.

For 18 months, I’ve been running my own business because people were approaching me as a single mom and running my own business.  Entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint.  This didn’t happen overnight it’s been a process.  People were reaching out and I wanted to help them so I started The Messy Bun Revolution.

I started this business because I was inspired by building my business at home with a messy bun and yoga pants.  It’s about supporting, inspiring and educating female entrepreneurs.  I want them to know they can achieve their definition of success.

I created a pay it forward mastermind.  They had to apply and I’m taking them through an intensive 6 weeks to give them the information of the action steps to take to help their own businesses.

5. Tell us about your mastermind

We meet weekly over video chat, and I start them with the basic foundations.  Who are you, what are you about?  What do you want to sell?  Asking them the why behind everything and their key target they’re trying to reach because I believe in strong foundations.  Many people miss it and it ultimately stunts their growth.  We then lay out plans and I encourage them to step out from behind the curtain and taking action.

6. How do you always make sure you’re fresh?

I do it by understanding sometimes I’m just not.  To allow myself a certain amount of grace.  Entrepreneurs tend to be Type A personalities.  When you can’t let go, you end up in a holding pattern.  You have to find the balance to let go and be determined while going with the flow.  I’m a recovering perfectionist.  You’re just human and it’s OK.

7. What are you most excited about for The Messy Bun Revolution in the 12-24 months?

Growing the group to a flourishing community of female entrepreneurs that support, inspire and share wins with one another.  Being an entrepreneur can feel so lonely and this gives a sense a community.  It offers human connection and community.  Continuing to add more value.

8. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

You have everything that you need right now to start.  With that being the case, just start taking imperfect action.  You’ll learn lessons in that and grown.

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